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Body and Soul – Kashrut in the Modern Kitchen, will teach both the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher – all the whys and how to’s of kosher.


Thoughtful essays on the Jewish festivals, based on the teachings of the Rebbe.


If there is a Haggadah for every Russian reader, it’s this. It will make a beautiful gift for anyone.


This all inclusive, softcover Haggadah includes the exodus of Israel from Egypt, a historical preview, selected Haggadah texts in Chasidic interpretation, laws and customs of Passover, and the Haggadah all written in Russian.


With Commentary from the Classic Commentators, Midrash, Kabbalah, the Chasidic Masters and the Haggadah of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


“Haggadah Shel Pesach”, “Megillat Esther and the story of Purim” and “Pirkei Avot – Ethics of our Fathers” together as a set.


Several stories from the Haggadah tried to retell them to a modern day, refreshing the ancient style of presentation, while preserving respect for the tradition and closeness to the magnificent text the original, which is good in itself and admires us just as much as admired our ancestors.


Description of the background, laws and customs of the Yom Tov.


Includes the history of exile and enslavement in Egypt, the Ten Plagues, the splitting of the Reed Sea, preparations for Passover, the Seder,