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One thousand-year history of European Jews, closely bound with history and culture of other people.


About the events of the Polish uprising of 1863 writer analyzes the influence of Jewish nationalism, Polish anti-Semitism, socialism on the events of that time.


Yosef Kaplan is the Bernard Cherrick Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published extensively on the history of the Marranos and the Western Sephardi diaspora, including From Christianity to Judaism (Oxford, 1989), The Western Sephardi Diaspora (Tel Aviv, 1994), and Les Nouveux juifs d’Amsterdam (Paris, 1998).


By Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz


Twenty-three of the finest scholars of our day—archaeologists, cultural historians, literary critics, art historians , folklorists, and historians of relation, all affiliated with major academic institutions in the United States, Israel, and France—have contributed their insight to Cultures of the Jews. The premise of their endeavor is that although Jews have always had their own autonomous traditions, Jewish identity cannot be considered immutable, the fixed product of either ancient ethnic or religious origins. Rather, it has shifted and assumed new forms in response to the cultural environment in which the Jews have lived.

Building their essays on specific cultural artifacts—a poem, a letter, a traveler’s account, a physical object of everyday or ritual use—that were made in the period and locale they study, the contributors describe the cultural interactions among different Jews—from rabbis and scholars to non-elite groups, including women—as well as between Jews and the surrounding non-Jewish world.


From the Maccabees to the Mishnah continues to be the essential introduction to ancient Judaism. Its crystalline clarity, absolute command of—and respect for—the facts, and sustained intelligence make it an accessible and important read for everyone from interested lay-people, to undergraduates, to professional scholars.


Monograph of Professor Colette Sirat, repeatedly reprinted in various languages, an introduction to the history of Jewish medieval philosophy.


Bible stories for children, widely used by Jewish schools in North America.