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An invaluable guide to every aspect of keeping kosher, from how to start and maintain a kosher kitchen to the spiritual implications of kashrut as nourishment for the Jewish soul.


Body and Soul – Kashrut in the Modern Kitchen, will teach both the simply curious and those seriously considering going kosher – all the whys and how to’s of kosher.


How to look after your health according to the Torah and modern knowledge.


A Guide to Eating Jewishly.


The Laws of Blessings said on Foods, Fragrance, and in Thanksgiving and Praise


900 recipes, ranging from traditional favorites such as chicken soup to Szechuan chicken and many other international, gourmet and natural specialties.


The Jewish Heritage Cookbook by Marlena Spieler


A comprehensive work including basic laws concerning meat and dairy foods, manufactured foodstuffs, Passover, the produce of Israel, koshering utensils and more.