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The book tells about connection of Judaism with ancient wisdom and pressing questions of modern knowledge of the Astrology.


This is a confidential part of the Oral Torah, which is transmitted by tradition, which goes back to the very Moshe Rabbeinu.


By Golda Lipsh.

Based on the Kabbala, G. Lipsh shows how we are living on the eve of Moshiach?s imminent arrival.


About the meaning of the term “G-d”, the concept of holiness, the meaning and the purpose of prayer, and the nature of death, as well as issues as, “Why should I remain a Jew?


By Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael (Steinsaltz)


From infinity to man. Basic ideas of Kabbalah in the framework of information theory and quantum physics


HaNerot Halalu Chunakah, by Rabbi Ginsberg


Survey of basic concepts of Kabbala and Chassidut.

Original price was: $319.95.Current price is: $299.95.

The study of the book of Zohar purifies the soul of man, brings him closer to the Creator, even if the student is not clear in such a complex ancient text.


?Еврейская чертовщина? ? книга о нечистой силе в еврейской традиции и в народном восприятии. Отношение к этой стороне мира ?