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Israel’s master novelist (Mr. Mani) tells a spellbinding tale about a spellbinding woman whose luminous smile, swan’s neck and Tatar eyes are so beguiling. The woman is Yulia Ragayev, a Slavic immigrant to Israel who has been killed in a terrorist bombing and whose corpse lies unidentified in a morgue for a week. The man (who, like everyone in the novel except Yulia, remains nameless) is the human resources manager at the commercial bakery where Yulia worked as a cleaning woman. A muckraking article forces the bakery’s owner to discover her identity and take action to restore her dignity. The owner orders the HR director to return Yulia’s body to her son and mother in her native land for burial—a journey that turns into an opportunity for moral redemption for him after a series of stunning reversals. Throughout, Yulia remains a mystery: why did she come to, and cling to, Jerusalem when she wasn’t Jewish? Questions of morality, dignity, identity, nationality and belonging are subtly explored in sometimes hallucinatory prose, fluently translated by Halkin. This short novel’s layers reveal themselves only gradually and, once revealed, continue to compel and provoke.


By Professor Ben-Tzion Tavger.


Путиводитель по арабо-израильскоку конфликту.


Writer, poet and translator Lenore Goralik living between Israel and Russia, tells in his book “Biblical Zoo” about “human trifles,” which makes it difficult, and sometimes bright difficult life in Israel – beautiful. “Responsible gophers”, “sensible kamelopardy”, “touching the penguins” and other amazing creatures invite the reader to look at Israel and the Israelis in the light of understanding, and love of irony.


A historical novel describing the early years of Israel’s birth and struggle for survival.


The history and unique meaning of the national symbols of the State of Israel and their profound roots within the millenia-old Jewish tradition is an extremely vast and complex subject.


“Among the days – the seventh day, among the years – the seventh year” – this phrase is used in the Talmud to stress the significance of all that has to do with the number seven.


The Territorial Integrity of Israel: A Life Threatening Concern.