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Children's Books


The book presents crafts miniature attributes of Jewish life, items for the holidays, prayers and rituals.


The 12 Torah passages for youth to say everyday.

Format: 3×5 Paperback, 32 pp.


How the last surviving member of the royal dynasty of King David was providentially saved from the hands of the cruel Persian rulers.


On the importance of parents giving their children a Jewish Education.


Adapted from the account in the Talmud of how one of the foremost Jewish sages “forced” G-d to send rain.


Both straightforward and whimsical, this well-paced picture-book biography of Marc Chagall follows the artist from childhood to his triumphant showing at the Louvre, when he was 90. Brief paragraphs describe Chagall’s early sense that he “was different from other boys. He saw things they didn’t see.” Those visions are blended into the story’s busy, bright acrylic paintings, and children may have trouble separating dream and biography in the crowded spreads and passages of text, such as, “One afternoon, the color of this uncle’s skin drifted out the window, onto the street.” They may also need more explanation about Jewish references mentioned in the book, though the brief glossary will help. But even if children don’t understand the sense in all the words, Markel’s book is a creative introduction to the artist that reinforces the notion that pictures can show ideas and feelings, rather than “the way things really look.” More biographical details close. Also suggest Marc Chagall (2001) by Elisabeth Lemke and Thomas David, which includes reproductions of Chagall’s work.


American writer, literature professor told the Jewish legend of the insidious spirit, that moved into a young girl.


A tale of Jewish Heroism during the Middle Ages.


The book includes nursery rhymes Jewish poets of the first half of the twentieth century who wrote in Yiddish.


Several stories from the Haggadah tried to retell them to a modern day, refreshing the ancient style of presentation, while preserving respect for the tradition and closeness to the magnificent text the original, which is good in itself and admires us just as much as admired our ancestors.


Bible stories for children, widely used by Jewish schools in North America.


Bible stories for children, widely used by Jewish schools in North America.