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Basi Legani 5724 & 5744

Basi Legani 5724 & 5744


Basi Legani 5724 & 5744

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Basi Legani 5724 & 5744


Basi Legani 5724 & 5744

In stock


As we mark 74 years since Yud Shvat 5710 (1950), F.R.E.E. Publishing House & Charity Fund 770, published the Chasidic discourses on Basi Legani in the Russian language alongside the Hebrew text, to enable Russian language readers worldwide to prepare for Yud Shvat in their language.

The 128-page book contains the 14th chapter of the initial 5710 (1950) Maamar of the Previous Rebbe and a translation from the Rebbe’s ma’amarim of 5724 and 5744 (1964 & 1984), which are based on the forthentnth chapter of the Previous Rebbe’s ma’amar,

and incorporate explanations from many other sources in Chassidus.

These ma’amarim are based on the verse of Shir HaShirim (5:1), which metaphorically refers to Hashem’s relationship with the Jewish people.

The Previous Rebbe wrote a four-part series of ma’amarim based on the verse “Basi L’Gani,” each ma’amar consisting of five chapters, for a total of 20 chapters.

The Previous Rebbe completed the hemshech for publication and instructed that the first part should be distributed on Yud Shvat 5710 (1950) for the yartzeit of his grandmother and provided specific days to distribute the following sections.

Yud Shvat 5710 (1950), was the passing of the Frierdiker Rebbe.

When the Rebbe accepted the leadership one year later on, Yud Shvat 5711 (1951), the Rebbe said a ma’amar (Basi L’Gani) which explained this ma’amar of the Previous Rebbe. This was the first of 38 years in which the Rebbe said a Basi L’Gani ma’amar. These ma’amarim followed a twenty-year cycle of explaining each of the 20 chapters of the Previous Rebbe’s ma’amar.

Each year, the Rebbe first reviewed the key points of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s ma’amar before going into a detailed explanation of each year’s chapter.

The translation of these Maamarim are part of an ongoing project to translate all ma’amarim on Basi Legani into the Russian language.

May the translation of the teachings of Torah and Chasidut into the Russian language be another step of transforming the world into a place where Hashem feels “at home.” May Hashem’s essence “come back” to be “at home” in our physical world like it was initially present when the world was first created.

  • Format: 5.5 x 8.5, 128 pages
  • Language: Hebrew/Russian
  • Publisher: F.R.E.E. Publishing House & 770 Charity Foundation
  • Published: 2024

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