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From Explicit to Secret

From Explicit to Secret


By M. Levush

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From Explicit to Secret


By M. Levush

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Fromat: 5.5×8.5, Hardcover, 304 pp
Author: M. Levush / Editor: Jitelzeif, Ita
Language: Russian
Published: 2010

According to tradition, founded on the vision. Daniel, the time in which we live is called the kingdom of Edom. A distinctive feature of this kingdom – the deception, whether intentional or unintentional, caused by inaccurate information.

With regard to the Torah – a sincere mistake, caused by a flawed understanding. Smattering – a fertile ground for genuine errors. In this case, the main provisions of our teachings are perceived as a fact that does not cause problems. The book examines the concepts about which we hear constantly, and are accustomed to.

See, in a second and third plan, get in touch with the depth of the Torah – this is a transition from clear to a secret. In an attempt to move in this direction in the book are widely used text of Zohar, the Talmud, Midrash, comments Ari-Zalian and Ramchal.


part One

ARTICLES Erevrav Mahloket in creation, in life, in me of contact with fire Galut . Its meaning and background Choose light!

part Two

To the article ” Galut . Its meaning and background . ” Galut in terms of time and space The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge The expulsion of Divinity voluntary galut solid heart two of Divinity lie Luna. Israel and other nations astronomy lesson Mars Saturn indulgent court “Let’s do and we will hear ” Tikkun ikilkul Tselem Elokim Tselem his Tikkun and kilkul The eternal battle Clothes – your world

part Three

To the article “Choose the light! ” Number and reality The origin of the peoples Adam , Hoax, Abraham Abraham and the people of Angels and people Jews and Angels Angel Metato Two faces Metato The reason for hiding Primordial light and reality Light Garden of Eden A hint of the mitzvah The text of the Pentateuch and the top of Thor Mi CVA through the prism of gematria Building a house Daath and Nefesh The purpose of the study of the Torah Thor. The purpose of creation. Tikkun Neshamot Tikkun Neshamot through the prism psukim Clothing Neschamah . Torah and mitzvot

Glossary of Terms


The reason for writing this book are the articles Kogan, published in the magazine ” Black and White “. Article caught my attention as its theme, hook and unconventional approach to the disclosure on the face of the usual concepts. Along with this there was a sense that the scope of the journal is not allowed the author to fully delve into the question before it . This book aims to fill this flaw.

The book consists of three parts. The first contains five articles published in the magazine. Clarifications to the items’ Ha- loot . Its meaning and background “and ” Choose the light! ” Constitute the content of the second and third parts of the book. The reasons for staying on these topics , lies in their relevance. Also set forth in the concept similar to each other.

On the one hand, the book includes an explanation of the ideas expressed in the quote from the article ( quotations in italics) . (‘ On the other hand , in the discussion does not follow a rigid framework provided by the quote itself , as the book does not serve as commentary on the articles. Otravnaya quote was used as a point of a platform from which you can open a particular conception of the Torah.

M. Levush

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