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Shem Olam. Volume 2

Shem Olam. Volume 2


By Chafetz Chaim

In stock

Shem Olam. Volume 2


By Chafetz Chaim

In stock


Year: 2011 
Pages: 240 
Weight: 0.45 kgs 
Translator: Perlov, of P., r. 
Editor: Polischuk, I., p .; Shuhman, L. 
Language: Russian 
Cover: hard 
Format: 18x2x23

About the purpose of life and inheritance rights in the future. 

Praise and thanksgiving to God for the fact that after the recent successful launch of the first part of this book, we, by His mercy and His great help complete the started publication of the second part. For all general, what is at it with the first part, it is a separate book that can be read independently of the first. The author gives it as an important, worthy of the greatest sages of recent generations of advice and guidance, relevant and vital today, no less than in his time.

 The main section of the second part contains a number of topics that can be collectively called “the path of service to God” and “the way of the Divine supervision and control” that person should do to ensure a decent inheritance in eternity.

 In addition to this main section, included in the book adding.

 The first section “About Israel scattered” was included even by the Chafetz Chaim. In those days, many Jews left Eastern Europe in search of a better life across the ocean, and there subjected to great danger of spiritual decline. It would seem that the matter of the distant past, but the approach and the basis laid there Torah relevant and eternal. In addition, the theme itself is actually today is extremely urgent. Even today, it is literally for the same reasons, people brought up in a traditional Jewish environment, often come in before an alien world of new professions, business, science, and so on. E., Get into people’s surroundings with different norms and views, or think about such opportunities for themselves or their children … and it does not have to go far: the new world is not the ocean, but it was right, or in the neighboring town … How to make the right decision? And if you have already entered into the world, how to behave in it to protect yourself, your family and avoid spiritual harm? Tips Chafetz Chaim on all this is truly priceless.

 The second appendix, incorporated as Annex 1, are two articles from the final part of the book Chafetz Chaim “Homat to-date.”

 The first “path of Torah” on the most important and always timely, “eternal” theme of upbringing and education of children. Today, as in those days, many who want to “complement and enhance” education of children, supposedly in their interest, and the Chafetz Chaim sees this as “a dangerous trap in the ways of the sons of our people …” Chafetz Chaim brings order and principles of study, established for the proper organization of the process of training and education, with the consent of all the great sages of Israel.

 The second article is a continuation of started in the first part of this book of the Torah of support topics. Times today are not less violent and fatal than in the days of the Chafetz Chaim, and we, together and individually, in dire need of merit that will protect and will protect us. Meanwhile, for the few last years there has been a real revolution, and if in the first period after the fall of the “Iron Curtain” Our russkoyaychnaya Jewish community was poor and are dependent on their brothers in the West, it is now a lot of our brothers have received, thank Gd’s blessing in the affairs of the earth and of great wealth; some of them have become a true pillar of the Torah. They really pay transient wealth in their eternal acquisition; honor and praise! Give them Gd true blessing materially and spiritually! But there is, as is said: “The wealth stored in human evil it” (Kohelet 5:12), if he has not put his wealth at the service of good. Many people understand the importance of charity, but not everyone understands the particular importance is the support of the Torah, for which a person receives a very special award, such award for her study, which said our sages: “The light of the Torah enlivens him” (Ketubot, 1116; see more at. author’s preface to the 1st to the book). And Russian Jews today can be fully pillar bastion of Torah, no less than the US!

 Appendix 2 in our book included two important and interesting parts of the famous book p. 111. Lorentz “Bamehitsatam” (as we published the Russian translation of it is called “In the great circle”), referenced in our notes to the 14th chapter.

 Anyone who reads this book Chafetz Chaim, will celebrate the thrill and awe of insight, wisdom and purity of the soul of our great teachers and the power of his Torah, allowed him to create a book that could become a compass for generations in the stormy sea of ​​the last century of our history.

 The book is very deep; We have made every effort to penetrate deeply into the plan of the author, and if there’s not worthy of full understanding of the responsibility for the possible translation errors are ours.

 I. Polishchuk

The first volume of “Shem Olam,”  the special force Commandments Sabbath of all its laws, charity, study the Torah and to support those who studies on our website



 Preface editor


Chapter first. Man’s duty – to strengthen themselves for the service of the Almighty

Chapter Two. More on how important it is to strengthen itself

Chapter Three. About how important promptness in the performance of the commandments of the Torah

Chapter Four. About the great reward, which he made to God for His Torah and commandments

Chapter Five. About the great importance of quickness in the study of Torah

Chapter Six. More on the same topic

Chapter Seven. What should I find it important to study the Mountains

Chapter Eight. How should beware of sins, visible to all, for that will put the most severe punishment

Chapter Nine. Man destined reward for his deeds during his lifetime – as a reward and punishment

Chapter Ten. Explanation verse of Scripture: “I can imagine Gd before him always”

Chapter Eleven. How should a man beware lest his words were not with deeds

Chapter Twelve. The fact that many disasters now comprehend the world – is a preparation for the final release

Chapter Thirteen. More on the same topic

Chapter Fourteen. The final release: not to despair when it is delayed




Chapter first. The main reasons for the fact that Israel is settled on all ends of the earth

Chapter Two. Great harm to the fact that his father encouraged sons to leave their homes and go to him

Chapter Three. Lies about the “country of shared prosperity”

Chapter Four. Mistake to think that there are getting rich without toil

Chapter Five. The error of those that are amenable to persuasion and take a bad example to others

Chapter Six. More on this as well as the desire “to live on a grand scale”, which abound today

Chapter Seven. Another reason for the departure of many – lack of confidence in the Supreme

Chapter Eight. On board of the Most High

Chapter Nine. How to behave to those who have to be in a distant land


APPENDIX 1. From the book Chafetz Chaim “Homat-date”

Torah Way

The enormous importance of the support of the Torah


APPENDIX 2. From the book p. S. Lorenz “In the circle of the great”

Miracles are made only for the sake of inheriting tradition

Meeting p. S. Lorenz with US President Garri Trumenom.

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