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Way to Lubavitch

Way to Lubavitch


Way to Lubavitch

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Way to Lubavitch


Way to Lubavitch

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“The road to Lubavitch” clearly take its rightful place in the treasury of world literature about Hasidism Chabad. According to its authors, composers Eli Elkin and James Hanina – this two-volume book on the life and miraculous deeds Hasidic righteous. The first is that the reader holds in his hand, consists of four chapters. The first two are devoted to the founder of Hasidism, the First Rabbi – Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov and his successor Mezhericheskomu Magid, Rabbi Dovber of Mezerich. The latter two also talk about the life and deeds of the amazing founder of the Chabad movement, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi [Alter Rebbe) and his son and successor, Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch, the second Chabad Rebbe (Rabbi Mitteler). The book consists entirely of stories, imbued with the spirit of mysticism, esotericism, Kabbalah and metaphysics.

While reading the book in one breath, you catch yourself thinking – and that everything that happens has happened a hundred, two hundred, or even three years ago. Then and there was no trace of buzz today catchphrases like levitation, telekinesis, teleportation. Psychotronic means of influencing the soul and the human brain. Clairvoyance and clairaudience, suggestion at a distance, the revival of the dead. The relativity of time and space. The ability to bring the past, future and present in a single point, the name of which – now.

All this came into our life recently, becoming the subject of intense study of modern science. Secret laboratories, leading the work on the military-industrial complex, or on the state secret service. The fact that the newly inspired people mystical fear, like a black and white magic, suddenly became the object of universal curiosity and discussion. The scenes of Hollywood movies, horror movies, themes of science fiction novels.

And here I am reminded of the words of the famous physicist (if I remember correctly, Albert Einstein), who among his relatives did once recognized.

“Modern science seems to me a very tall cliff, top of which is lost in the sky, almost in the clouds. And a scientist on this monstrous vertical crawling – crawling the last effort to reach finally the coveted top. While being sure that first it will rise. But no! Podtyanuvshy the last time you see on the flat top of the group peysatyh and bearded, in Hasidic garb.Vengeance there famously danced myself a snack and drink chaim. And, apparently, they’ve been here a long time. Howl maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand years … “

As acknowledged by the drafters, two volumes of “The Road to Lubavitch” – this is not a book of prose in the classical version, and the stories in the usual genre. To some extent – translation and paraphrase notes the Previous Rebbe, who left behind a rich archive of the history of Hasidism. And in particular, of the outstanding personalities of Chabad. Next, another that will include the other five that a total score consisting of all nine of Managers.

Hasidic Chabad – in the form that it exists today originated and became strong in the XVIII century. The founder of this doctrine and its philosophy, is considered to be the Baal Shem Tov, who lived in the past – XVII peke. By reading the amazing stories and miracles of spiritual giants of Hasidism, just see how sad and gloomy life of the town is transformed into a vibrant color Purim carnival. Hitherto unprecedented light begins to permeate from the top down the whole space lands inhabited by Jews: believers and atheists, rich and poor, Torah scholars and mediocre bazaar artisans. Eternal misery and fear for tomorrow, on the back burner. Faith in the Almighty and His messengers – goes back to a different, more higher level. For the era of Moshiach has already come, thanks to the miracles taking place there, at arm’s length. And there is a sudden feeling of eternity and fearlessness, uninterrupted snub spirit, the excitement of the heart. Mind and heart, aspiring upward to his Creator. And our Jew, suddenly begins to think: what actually happened? So I believe in the existence of God, as believed any cook, but now I know what he is? There is, was and will be, and he shall reign in the future forever. The differences seem to be no, but, come as you are! – Why would not touch, everywhere and at all are lucky …
Something similar happened to me.

Many years ago, being in great danger by the KGB because of his writing-Zionist, anti-Soviet activities, I managed to get a bracha ~ blessing Rybnitsky Rabbi Chaim-Zamvelya Abramovich (may Allah be his memory be blessed), the miracle worker and just. And it saved me. But that just amazing – little by little, just changed. Absolutely! Me and the world around.

So much of this book is immediately obvious – why the “Road to the Lubavitch” failed its compilers: they at one time also awarded to experience the wonders of the Rebbe – to each their own miracles.

A brachot, as already mentioned, have an effect outside of time and space.


A breath of life-giving miracle. Eli Luxembourg
Chapter One
Hilarious Blessing
Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov
Chapter Two
Tefillin Great Magid
Rabbi Dovber Kafka (Mezherichsky Magid)
Chapter Three
Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (the Alter Rebbe)
Chapter Four
Saying the word “life” …
Rabbi Dovber (Mitteler Rebbe)
Glossary of terms and names in the book


Year Published: 2009
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Pages: 202
Format: 18x2x25

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