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Yalkut Yosef. Brief corpus of religious laws. Vol. 1

Yalkut Yosef. Brief corpus of religious laws. Vol. 1


A short set of religious laws for Russian-speaking Jews Sephardim, descendants of Central Asia and the Caucasus

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Yalkut Yosef. Brief corpus of religious laws. Vol. 1


A short set of religious laws for Russian-speaking Jews Sephardim, descendants of Central Asia and the Caucasus

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Year: 2007
Pages: 216
Translated by: Mavashev, Avraham ben Eliahu
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x2x25

A short set of religious laws for Russian-speaking Jews Sephardim, descendants of Central Asia and the Caucasus

Introduction by the translator

Synonymous with the Hebrew language is the expression LaShawn ѓakodesh, ie “The Holy Language”. Hebrew language is called a saint for several reasons: it is the language God talks to people, both Jews and non-Jews, the Torah was also written in the language selected from the crowd.

However, there is another notable aspect of the Hebrew language – every word has not only its direct meaning, but a deep spiritual and philosophical meaning. Countless examples of this in the Talmud, the rabbinic literature, Kabbalah, etc.

Ѓalaha word is “law”, but the word itself comes from the verb lalehet, which translates to walk, walk, so the word ѓalaha is not interpreted in the sense of the law, but in the sense of “walking in accordance with the law, the norm.” And as regards the way of living Ѓalaha person, then finally it goes something like this: keeping proper way of life, or walking on the right of life. By this and applies the selected line in the epigraph of the book.

Ѓalaha incorporates all areas of human life and all that surrounds it. For thousands of years Ѓalaha passed down from generation to generation, from Moshe Rabbeinu and up to the present day. Much of the literature devoted to the Jewish Ѓalahe. After all, it is clear and understandable to everyone, that is correct, proportionate way of life is the intent of Gd and the key to human progress and human blessing that comes down on him for his actions.
This collection of laws aimed at Russian-speaking reader, a representative of Sephardic-ray half of the Jewish people (but for al-kenazskih Jewish book can be a good tool).Basically it Bukhara, Mountain Jews, the Jews of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, that is Jews of the former Soviet Union, scattered after the collapse, from the United States to Australia. Since currently there exists no body of law covering all parts of the Jewish life, written just for Russians skogovoryaschih Sephardic Jews, it was decided to translate the book into Russian p. Yitzhak Yo-Sefa “Yalkut Yosef,” so help us in this Gd.

This book should be, first of all, to answer the many burning questions, where the main thing is: how to live a Jewish life in the modern conditions? Although already been published several books of this kind (Kitsur Shulchan Aruch, the publishing house “Shamir”, 1994, a digest of laws, “Yalkut Yosef” on the boo-language harskom, 1995; Kitsur Shulchan Aruch, over-water A.Kutukova, publishers KEROOR , 1999, for which these people express great gratitude), but a special reliable and comprehensive collection, written specifically for the Russian-speaking Sephardim did not exist. Therefore, it was decided to move it “Yalkut Yosef,” as this monumental work to date the most adequate answers to these questions. Especially because its author is a p. Yosef Yitzchak, and re-daktorom and founder of this project itself p. Ovadia Yosef, yes prolong their days in peace and tranquility.
At the time, the book “Yalkut Yosef” made a great revolution in the world of modern Ѓalahi as it was given many constructive solu-tions on important issues, and, in addition, the book has been written in simple and accessible language. We also tried to stick to these ways, in his translation.

Before you today is a translation of the first volume enlarged and revised edition of “Yalkut Yosef” in 2004, which, in fact, co-holds a few voluminous writings such as “Yalkut Yosef”, “Sheerit Yosef,” as well as support from you numerous collections of the “Questions and Answers”, which presents and explains the many legislative solutions both past and present generation of Sages – Ѓalahi authorities. Some laws have been revised and re-edited, and for some have been adopted almost revolutionary solutions – this is Living Ѓalaha that does not stop its development and improvement ever. Ѓalahu should be considered as a final product, ready to use as something be sealed and can not be changed.After all, the rules and laws on that and are there to serve to regulate human life, of society, and in our case, a man and Gd, between people and the like. Ѓalaha also invariably in practice, just like any other law, but at the level of the scribes and interpreters of the “Word of Gd” is permissible to speak of its elasticity. There is a common Zabol-statement, that Ѓalaha must retreat before the co-temporality, as Today is not the time at which it was recorded. But as already mentioned above, Ѓalaha – is a living, constantly evolving and spiritual well-organized code base Vanny since the time of Moshe Rabbeinu on dyah commandments of Gd. Conventional wisdom mistake is also of the view that some laws are not topical us, and simply outdated for our times. However, to solve such complex and controversial ques-tions must be competent rabbis and scholars of the Torah, the instruction which points the way, as the light of the lighthouse. About this guidance and says King Solomon in the passage which we have chosen in the quality of the epigraph.And that is in bold, is designed to show how people can freely navigate through life’s situations and to remain faithful to their religion, to ec-knows how to “walk according to the Ѓalahoy.”
The book is written for a wide audience. It is designed as an unprepared reader’s wanting to know what Ѓalaha, and to those who already have some experience in the Jewish pro-Konakh, but for verification or to oc-vezhit their knowledge wants to read the laws on native language. In addition, the book can serve as a good tool for teachers and of teachers of Jewish schools.

We hope that this collection of laws will help you understand what a Jew-sky life in detail. And again, we’re not trying to wrap-emsya religion in a nice wrapper, on the contrary, our goal is to bring peo-ple to Gd.

Yes, let us thank God also for what he has given us to live up to this moment. And give us the Gd of health, strength, longevity, and the possibility to live up to the coming of the Messiah!

The structure of the book

The book is divided into thematic sections, co-torye are based on the daily lives-tion cycle of every Jew. That is, the book is preceded by laws relating to day-to mymi activities (prayer, meal, work, peek-a-bea-sales, teaching, etc.). Then the next event week period (eg, Shabbat). And after going periodic events (new moon, holidays, important dates, etc.), and then to the events that happen to people from time to time (adulthood, marriage, funerals, etc.) – that is exactly the way as it was but the introduction p. Yosef Karo in his work “Shulchan Aruch” adopted by all Jewish communities.

Thematic sections are divided into Shimane (paragraphs). One topic, as appropriate, may include several Shimane.

Shimane arranged according to the manner of the book “Yalkut Yosef,” added a new strength and a revised edition in 2004.

Given us ѓalahot built mainly on the following principle – first goes after con, then either its cause, in some cases – an explanation or adopted the custom of his execu-tion, or a custom introduced by the rabbis, Kabbalah, along with real Examples of the application of this law in practice. The numbers indicate the sequence number of the law in this paragraph (salmon). Letter notation laws in parentheses correspond to the laws of this paragraph (Seaman) of CED-gi “Yalkut Yosef,” so that in these coordinates, if necessary, can easily we turn to the origin of translation, which accommodates a book at the end of .
This collection of laws yavlyaetstya short-kim and is a statement of elected ѓalahot. In addition, the collection’s advocacy provided with inserts and offers difficult topics that are not contained in the original. Out-of-brannost laws in particular and all the work on the translation as a whole have been agreed directly with the author of the “Yalkut Yosef” p.Yitzhak Yosef, but it will last for days.

Some of the words in the book are highlighted in italics and it means that the word is shown in Ivry-ones, or a term, an explanation which you will find in the dictionary at the end of the book. This is done in order to teach the reader to terms Ѓalahi and Hebrew at all. A man, a pro-move in these matters, it will be just ho-Roshim refreshing his knowledge.

We have tried to compile a glossary of terms and rules ѓalahicheskoy found in the literature, which aims to more accurately explain and teach all comers oriented vatsya Ѓalahi in the world. This kind of dictionary outputs CIO published in Russian for the first time. In subsequent editions, we hope to Gd aid of, enrich and improve it to the extent of our ability.

With gratitude and respect,
Translator Avraѓam (Arthur) ben Eliyahu mawashi.


Introduction – The introduction and recommendation 5
Halacha. A review article from the Jewish Encyclopedia 19
Seaman 1 – Laws of morning awakening 38
Seaman 2 – Laws of dressing and head covering 46
Siman 3 – Laws of conduct in the toilet 55
Siman 4 – Laws of the morning washing hands 63
The laws of the cleansing of hands after visiting the toilet 93
Some of the laws relating to the bathroom
and public baths 98
Seaman 5 – Laws of the correct pronunciation of
blessings and meaningful names of Gd 102
Seaman 6 – Laws pronouncing blessings
“Asher yatsar” and “Elogay, Neshama” 108
Siman 7 – Rules pronouncing blessings
“Ashertsar” 118
Appendix – Glossary of terms Halacha 124
List of References 196
The original text (Hebrew) “Yalkut Yosef.” Para. 1-7 199-22

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