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Gates to the world of Kabbalah. Wonders of thy wisdom

Gates to the world of Kabbalah. Wonders of thy wisdom


By Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

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Gates to the world of Kabbalah. Wonders of thy wisdom


By Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

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By Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Masses of people are interested in the meaning of things, and the more – the more. Many are looking for the entrance to the Kabbalah, often bumping into the book, or too complex, or surface, or opportunistic. Many are looking for a book that allows the reader to enter into this amazing and surprising world slowly, but deep enough for sure. And in front of you such a book. 

It opens up a world of Kabbalah is not a world of vague mysticism, not related to our everyday life, and not as an “exact science.” This world – a world of life-giving stream of energy flowing from the Creator to us-all-together-and-for-each-in-separate-and-back, weaving. Sometimes boils, sometimes quietly and imperceptibly. 

It is these flows and make all of our reality. One just needs to see it and know how to have a dip. And, diving and cautiously opening the senses of the soul, we discover that we are always in contact with him. That’s it for this we will endeavor to approach. Good luck to us all! He is waiting for us.

ISBN: 978-965-7146-64-4 
Translator: Cinnamon, Shem; Michael; Kochubievsky, Shlomo; Hadassah Editor: Kochubievsky, Shlomo 
Language: Russian
Year Published: 2012
Format: 6×9 Hardcover, 304 pp. 

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Misunderstanding three: the confusion between Kabbalah and oriental cults

 In the book of Genesis says that after the death of Sarah, Abraham married a second time, and he had children: “And the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac, he, his son, in his lifetime, to the east [in unto the east country]. ” Torah commentators, explaining this verse say that Abraham gave them to defend themselves something like the art of black magic, the name contamination. Some, based on this, argue that customs Oriental cults, including their methods of healing, based on the ancient wisdom of Abraham, and that this is the gifts that he gave to their children by sending them “in the eastern lands.” For some reason, there are willing to conclude from this that these systems are somehow connected with the Jewish wisdom that the father of the Jewish people, Abraham gave his son Isaac. Some people use this logic to justify their interest in various spiritual techniques that have arisen in the East, “kosheruya” customs of worship for Jews.

However, a verse from the book of Genesis clearly says that Abraham just sent children concubines “from Isaac” because he was the only true heir of Abraham holy mission of spreading faith in the One Gd. Abraham removed the children of concubines, who were engaged in idolatry, to prevent Isaac from their bad influence.

Thus, even if the sources of spiritual practices known today come from the East and the children of Abraham (which in itself is very doubtful), they are infected with idolatry and therefore unclean and forbidden. As mentioned above, when mixed with pure spiritually unclean, the result will always be negative and could harm both the physical and spiritual health.

This does not mean that the spiritual approach of non-Jews have no wisdom. The truth is that everything in this world – including the evil – can not exist without the sparks of holiness enclosed inside as a prisoner, sparks from which it draws its vitality. Our task, as Jews, to release these sparks that fell and scattered around the world, in particular – in the form of an unclean spirit. It should be clearly understood that the release of these sparks is only possible in a manner that is defined in the Torah, the Creator.

The Sages taught: “If you tell someone, is wisdom among the peoples of the world – believe. ] But if he says that] there is Torah among the nations of the world – do not believe!“The wisdom of the question – is the holy sparks of truth, trapped in art and science, as well as alien spiritual practice and philosophy. Of course, even before we can accept such wisdom in the bosom of the Jewish wisdom, we must first liberate its spark from the shells of impurity and idolatry, a prisoner who is this spark. Any belief must be based on people’s faith in Gd of the Jews – One Gd – and in His Torah. To free the captive sparks of wisdom, you must first establish their true source, which is in the Torah.

Torah – not a philosophy or set of laws. It is – a way of life, and therefore it is called “Torah of life.” The command “Torah among the nations of the world – do not believe” means that none of the people and not a single person there is no true way of life, except that which is defined in the Torah. Torah, donated to the world through the Jewish people received it during the Sinai revelation, it is a plan of creation. It contains 613 commandments Jews and 7 commandments all the descendants of Noah are the only recipe for complete and perfect life. In order to bring a spark of wisdom found in non-Jewish sources, under the wings of the Jewish faith, these sparks must first return to its true source – the Torah. In other words, they must first go through a sort of intellectual giyur.

As a rule, the names of alien techniques, practices and philosophies and their terms are not arbitrary, they have meaning. These names indicate erroneous “doctrine”, a worldview that these philosophies have come up with. For this reason, we can not use their names, even in a context that seems Jewish. Each of these names (reiki, yoga, etc.) carries a spiritual force certain impurity, and it is a source of confusion. It is impossible to not only deal with the “Jewish rails”, “Jewish yoga”, “Jewish tai chi” and the like, but even to utter these words. Contact the Torah called idolatrous worship (or even a philosophy without Gd), directs the force of the Torah to evil, thereby nourishing it and making it extremely dangerous evil in that, of course, is strictly prohibited.

Take symbols or images from unclean sources is also very dangerous. For example, Chinese characters, used by rail, definitely are the tools of pagan worship and their use is prohibited. Like the name, symbol – if it comes from an unclean source – brings evil energy. Symbol – this is not a spark of wisdom that can be freed and made her a complete “convert to Judaism”, turn it into a Jewish wisdom.

Here is an example of the predictive of conversion.

Kabbalah teaches that there are fifteen contact points energy centers along the midline of the body. Those who are familiar with yoga, immediately thought of the seven “chakras”.

The first stage of conversion of intellectual – be careful not to confuse the two concepts. The belief that the chakras – this energy body, teaches yoga, comes from another source and unclean, so as a full views exhaustively describes the energy of the body, it is false.

The second step of the process of conversion begins with understanding that, although all the physical and spiritual properties that yoga chakras attributes are wrong, man, however, can draw some wisdom by studying the chakras. These elements can be brought into the wisdom of Jewish wisdom through convert to Judaism. However, to do this, they need to fully break away from his impure source and no longer be called a false name, in the same way as a true righteous ger must completely break away from his past, until you change the name.

After that, a person can move on to the third and last step in the procedure of conversion – finding the true source of these seven points and their functions within the complete and perfect system of fifteen contact points described in the Kabbalah. From this point on, you can rely on just vacated wisdom, the former still in captivity clips (shell contamination).

Note that these just described three stages of conversion of intellectual correspond to the three stages in the process of correction and improvement, which was taught by the Baal Shem Tov: humility, sharing, harmonization.

Recognition that the doctrine of the chakras is unclean source is humility.

Branch detected elements of wisdom from their original source and context – this division.

The inclusion of these elements in the wisdom of a complete system of fifteen contact points, which teaches Kabbalah, this harmonization.

Add a few words about the systems of meditation, common in the East. These types of meditation pose seeking the truth in front of the big problems, and they are strictly forbidden. Mantra that use meditation East is in the vast majority of the names of false “gods” and idols. The whole procedure takes its strength from unclean sources, generating in the soul – countless repetition of the mantra, mind-numbing true sense of the soul – a false sense of ego attenuation. This illusion is completely opposite to the true sense of bitul(self-restraint and submitting to holiness with full internal consent and desire), characteristic of the Jews in general, and for the Jewish itbonenuta in particular.

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